“The prodigiously gifted pianist has turned the inspiration on its proverbial head as he turns the potentially ponderous nature of minor modes into something bittersweet and, in the final analysis, elevating and even edifying.”

Raul da Gama – Origins Review

“Siegel’s new CD “Origins” is edge-to-edge with dimensional, moving songs that resonate with the deepest of human emotions. There’s a fullness that pervades each track, with a tasty instrumentation made even more beautiful by the heartbeat-syncing rhythms and balanced compositions.”

Debbie Burke

“A Joy for the head and heart”

Jazz Weekly – Origins Review

“Indigo is holistic and seamless in its articulation of contemporary jazz — an extension in popular music and jazz’s Big Tent tradition. More than this, though, it is a glorious, personal, panoramic statement from an artist who, after 35 years, is at the height of his creative powers.”

Thom Jurek – Allmusic

“Dan Siegel’s ingenuity is fascinating to hear and the music on Indigo shows his musical growth that has graduated to heights that other contemporary jazz keyboardists have not attained.”

Paula Edelstein – Indigo Review (AXS)

“Simply put, Indigo is yet another resoundingly beautiful work of Dan Siegel art!”

Russell A. Trunk – Exclusive Magazine

“Known for recording exquisitely original music ready-made for a soundtrack, most of Siegel’s past albums have hit the top of the charts and made lasting memories in the minds and hearts of both critics and the general public.”

Carol Banks Weber – Indigo Review (AXS)

“One thing you can’t dispute is Dan Siegel’s serious dedication to the art of music. This is his life we’re talking about. Composition, technique and performance are all equally important for different reasons to Siegel.”

“Throughout the years, album after album, Siegel’s musical expressions have sustained his audience and continue to draw more into the fold.”

L.A. Jazz Scene

“A creator, an innovator, not a duplicator, Dan Siegel proves himself a master of multi-keyboard moods along with a sophisticated composition of rich, intricate jazz melodies.”

“A quiet giant in the music industry, Siegel is one of the most respected and accomplished artists in contemporary jazz.”

RAG Magazine Florida

“In an age when recording artists often sell out their true artistic vision to the ever homogenized demands of the commercial marketplace, it’s refreshing to see a veteran performer like Dan Siegel — over 25 years into one of contemporary Jazz’s most storied careers — take a full throttle approach to record the album of his dreams.”

“But every now and again, there comes an artist who has a magic formula that hits on all the cylinders of conveyance and interpretation.”

“Dan could be one of the few remaining artists of his generation who has chosen not to compromise his approach to jazz for the sake of commercialization.”

“Departure has all the characteristics of jazz that is not often heard in these days of what not to expect.”

JazzReview – Departure Review

“This CD is graceful, noble and reflective, since it transcends categorization as it speaks to earlier times of adult instrumental acoustic music with classic themes that were influenced by the song, its melodies, and its virtuosic musicians.”

Jazz USA – Departure Review

“Dan Siegel is a multitalented individual with a long list of artistic accomplishments. A composer, arranger, producer and noted keyboardist, Siegel is a star of long standing in contemporary jazz. Yet his mastery has too often been under appreciated, perhaps because of the disarming effortlessness of his work.”

Radio and Records

Dan Siegel /Departure – Jazziz Magazine Critics Choice Top 10 Discs for 2006

Across the Sea – JazzTrax Top 10 Songs of 2006

Dan Siegel/Departure – Smoothjazz.com Top 10 CD picks for 2006

“But what is important for the listener is not how Siegel’s music is categorized — be it melodic-jazz, pop-jazz, fusion or pop-instrumental. What is important is that it is discernibly very beautiful music.”

The San Juan Star

“The result is Hemispheres, one of the most original and intriguing discs of this or any other year.”

Jazziz Magazine

“Get ready for a sweeping statement: this album is the most beautiful record I have heard all year. It is both simple and complex, involving and relaxing, comforting yet inspiring. Deceptive in its pop/jazz simplicity, it always flows on, with an atmospheric cohesiveness that makes it much more than just a collection of songs.”

UCLA Daily Bruin – Another Time, Another Place Review

“This may be the best keyboard-oriented fusion LP we’ve heard all year.”

Keyboard Magazine – Another Time, Another Place Review

“Siegel, on this album, “Another Time, Another Place”, revealed to us an instrumental work of astonishing beauty and lyrical, majestic melodies — it was the “New Age” equivalent of Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, filled with electronic layers and intricate interplay between Siegel, his percussionists and bassist.”

Woodbridge New Jersey News Tribune

“His songs suggest great attention to theory and form and that even great improvisation start with structure.”

Florida Today

“Feelin’ Happy is one of the best songs — by any artist in any musical genre — you’ll hear this year.”

The Daily Oklahoman

“He then mesmerized the crowd with an untitled piano/synth solo before breaking into the haunting, wistful melody of Rhapsody. It is during these moments, with Siegel hunched over his keyboards, lost in an amazing world of creative passion, that he reaffirms his place in the hearts of his audience.”

Jazz Link San Diego

“Next came keyboardist Siegel, who has to be one of the finest composers of the genre.”

Santa Monica College Corsair Newspaper

“His work is too electrifying to call it jazz, too innovative to call it rock and too good to let it go undiscovered.”

Salt Lake City Utah Chronicle

“Siegel himself is a consummate and comprehensive musician. His charts are clever and understated, as is his playing. He makes an authoritative if low-key host.”

The Orange County Register

“Siegel has drawn upon his diverse musical background, incorporating contrasting elements from a wide range of musical styles, to once again expand the horizons of the jazz/pop format without sacrificing musical integrity.”

Tahiti Beach Press

“Dan Siegel’s bewitching compositions have been one of the most important building blocks in the history of jazz music.”

South African Vaal Weekly